Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Now, If You'll Excuse Me..

I have a work-related project coming up and it will keep me preoccupied for quite a while. In the meantime, i'll have less time to focus on The Dog.. sigh.. Oh well, work's an inseparable part of growing up for most of us, including me. I guess have to do what i am paid to do. After all, this is what pays for The Dog all along.

During the project, i will most probably write less often though i'll try to stay in touch. It's the early phase of the project that is going to keep me from The Dog and that phase has already started. For how long? I can't really say but the target is to close the project before this year's Eid holidays which is around September.

What's the latest status of The Dog? Well, last time the dashboard was taken down to ease me working of the harness. I've asked the workshop to reinstall the dash and to finish all the cooling and fuel lines. When those are finished, with headers borrowed from the workshop, we'll plug in the ECU and see if my harness works!

Once i get The Dog running, i'll send The Dog to an exhaust workshop for a complete re-do of the exhaust system. After that, it's time to put all the stuff i bought so far like the LSD, Corona axle, Prothane bushings, Bride seat etc. It'll be fun seeing all those stuff coming in at almost the same time!

Major stuff left for me to buy are the remaining suspension parts and brake upgrades. I've decided on the suspension part that i'll go with short stroke conversion. As for the brake upgrade, i am seriously considering going with 4 pot RX7 FC caliper conversion like many AE86 owners did on their car. This is the brake conversion i mean. I am still researching on brake upgrades so this is not final. Let's see what the internet brings to me later..

So.. if you'll excuse me, i have a project to do. But let me assure you that this will not the last time you'll see me.. Stay tuned!