Friday, November 25, 2011

Intercooler & Fender Bar Part 3

Things move a bit slow since work is overwhelming lately. I managed to squeeze a bit time to finalize the intercooler piping and here it is.

Turbo to Intercooler Charge Pipe

Clamped and ready..

Bumper space. Also this shows that the vertical bar where the grill mounts which goes from the latch to lower front chassis can no longer be use.

I was lucky to be able to use the stock bumper brackets without any mod.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Intercooler & Fender Bar Part 2

Turbo --> 2 to 2.5 inch coupler (not included in the Ebay intercooler kit) --> L-knee pipe, shortened about 50mm on the turbo side --> straight coupler --> about 160mm section of straight pipe --> 2.5 inch 90 deg silicone elbow --> intercooler inlet

Intercooler outlet --> 2.5 inch 90 deg silicone elbow --> L-knee pipe with BOV flange prewelded --> 2.5 inch 90 deg silicone elbow (not yet delivered, kit only has two elbow hoses) --> TB inlet.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Intercooler and Fender Bar Installation

Just learned that the Ebay intercooler is too big. Just for the record, the intercooler is 31" in length (inlet to outlet, not core size), 11.5" wide and 3" inlet diameter. It's not impossible to be installed but it would take more effort to put in than smaller ones. I learned from d1davey's blog that the best size should be around 510mm in length but i believe this is core size, not inlet to outlet length. I bought one of 520 x 240mm core size with the actual total length being around 680mm and i believe it's a perfect fit. Tonight we'll start the actual installation. I'll update this post with how it goes.

Meanwhile, the Ultra Racing AE86 fender bars are in! They fit nicely with only minor modification required (enlarging the bolt holes a bit and some light hammering on the frame). For the front mount, the nuts had to be welded from the inside of the frame. Just be careful when installing the door hinge part, you don't want to have to realign the doors. This really confirms how similar AE86 frame to Charmant.

The workshop i got this done has some interesting line of cars there. Ford Capri coupe, VW Dakota bus and this stunning Holden Belmont Ute. Talk about slammed!