Sunday, February 10, 2013


Just got this in the mail.

Let's see what's in it.. Yup! It seems my order of Ebay Arduino Starter Kit has arrived from Hongkong.

I'm still totally new to Arduino or the whole microcontroller programming world in general so there's not much i can tell you other than that i'm hoping this kit will open up a whole new experience and skills for me. Who knows that this will be the first step to making my own standalone ECU? *fingers crossed*

Above you can see the main microcontroller board. Basically you write your program on a computer, download the program to the microcontroller, connect all the hardwares such as the servos, sensors, motors and let your creation do the work you intend it to do. There's far plenty of info on Arduino you can browse so i won't risk misleading you by explaining it myself.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Four Eyes

Here's something i'm sure you've contemplated while looking at your worn out headlamps and having trouble finding replacements. Jefry, a fellow Daihatsu Charmant Community member, finally did it. He adopted early E70 Corolla quad lamps on his Charmant. It's not exactly a neat job yet but at least you know it can be done.

Anyone done a better job? Send me the pics!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fanny's Rusty-Charmer

Fanny is a good friend of mine and fellow Charmant enthusiasts that i met while i work in Lampung. He emailed me early 2012 asking about Charmants after he saw my blog and was interested in getting one. Apparently it was my busy moment and i replied his email a bit later. It seems that he already got his mind set on getting one as he already got his Charmant when i finally replied. I wish more people are as easily convinced on Charmant as Fanny.

Anyway, as i mentioned, we become good friends and he decided to join Daihatsu Charmant Community as well. As time goes, it was obvious that he has very different preference from me in building cars as you can see in just a bit.

Fanny is less on performance and all about styling. He got his ride for a bit more cash than you would pay the average Charmant but then his car isn't really what you'd call average condition as well. I'd say he got what he paid for. The interiors are like new, all the emblems are there, the lamps are original parts and the engine purred like a kitten. Perhaps if i got The Dog with the same condition, i wouldn't even think of thrashing it and throwing away stuff from the interior just to make it lighter. It's just too good to be ruined.

I am not really familiar with this Hella-rusty thingy styling that he's got going so perhaps it's better that i just write the details i know so that you'd cringe less at my explanation of his car.

The wheels were just like my first ones, a set of Work Equip 03 replicas called Axis OG 15x8. He had them painted red and fit 185/55 for that mandatory stretch.

The stock side mirrors were kept safe in his closet while a pair of fender mounted ones take on the vacant position.

Knowing the history on how he got most of the stuff he put on the roof rack, i'd say Fanny is very dedicated in getting his style correct. Some of the stuff you can find there are traffic cone, old suitcase, spare tire, fishing rod and a gallon of drinking water.. A fishing rod?! Really? Man, i seriously really don't understand you Rusty/Rat guys LOL..

Interior-wise, it's near mint with the exception of some sticker-bombing on the dash panels and Nardi replica steering wheel.

A pair of Recaro "fish-nets" add to the comfort of the cabin.

Inside the trunk, you can see the nicely made shelves for wrenches and to hide that ugly spare tire well and jack. That is where he also keep his 10 inch sub and power amps.

His engine bay looks mostly stock with the exception of some custom strut brace and painted valve cover. Fanny isn't too mechanically inclined on engines but he's learning. He still sometimes contact me to ask about some problems on his car as i'm no longer working in the same town as Fanny. I guess the pic below just shows himself admiring the engine without really having any plans for it.

Here's Fanny!