Monday, November 5, 2012

More from T&T

Just got these pics in my inbox. They're from Rishi from Trinidad and Tobago, just like my friend Dereck. The gold one below still has its original paint. I can tell that it's in a very clean state judging from the interior shot. That steering wheel is not something i see often in Charmants as well. Perhaps because it's the 4K engine version? Rishi's plan is to get rid of the 1300cc OHV and replace it with an SR20DET. Brakes are planned to come from a EVO1 Mitsu while the rear LSD axle will be from a Nissan E24.

The red one is of Rishi's cousin Vedesh. He'll be taking a slightly different approach by going for 3S-GTE with Skyline suspension and diff. Love that white lettering tyres!

Both Charmants above look mint, that's for sure! Do us a favor, will you Rishi and Vedesh? Keep the altering to a minimum, at least exterior wise. You don't often see Charmants looking as good as yours nowadays.