Sunday, February 10, 2013


Just got this in the mail.

Let's see what's in it.. Yup! It seems my order of Ebay Arduino Starter Kit has arrived from Hongkong.

I'm still totally new to Arduino or the whole microcontroller programming world in general so there's not much i can tell you other than that i'm hoping this kit will open up a whole new experience and skills for me. Who knows that this will be the first step to making my own standalone ECU? *fingers crossed*

Above you can see the main microcontroller board. Basically you write your program on a computer, download the program to the microcontroller, connect all the hardwares such as the servos, sensors, motors and let your creation do the work you intend it to do. There's far plenty of info on Arduino you can browse so i won't risk misleading you by explaining it myself.