Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Budget Oil Catcher

Ghetto el-cheapo oil catch tank using old AC drier.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Manual Boost Controller

I have no idea what is the spring rate on my turbo actuator but since this is so cheap, less than 12 bucks to my door steps, bought it anyway. If the actuator spring's 0.8 Bar, then this is useless. If it's less, then it's good.

Oh, here's a little tip just to brighten up this boring post.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Close Enough


The real deal

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Dog, Doped

Kicked myself out of bed early this morning and got small progress done on the car. Small yet quite a milestone as today is the first day ever The Dog's intake manifold sees higher pressure than atmospheric level. Yes, today the turbocharger finally functioned properly.

First thing done was modifying the Megasquirt's VE and Spark table for forced induction. Here's my current VE table. Never take my table seriously as it's not dyno-tuned yet, not even on the non-turbo region.

Next thing done was replacing the stock MAP sensor with 4A-GZE one. Aside from a minor confusing problem, i had to increase all values on the Megasquirt VE Table by 30% which should be unnecessary if both MAP sensors are mapped correctly to Megasquirt, the work was done quickly and i managed to get The Dog running on decent AFR with the 4A-GZE MAP sensor. Megasquirt's now all ready for forced induction!

Next thing i got done was putting the Greddy Blow Off Valve on its place and hooking the vacuum line to the intake manifold. With the last hole on the charge pipe now covered by the BOV, there was no more boost leak source and all those air from the turbo has no where else to go but to the cylinders et Voila! Positive intake air pressure!
Yeah i know, i need tidy up the under hood wiring. Eventually i'll do it but not now.

Flicked the ignition key, hit the throttle a few times on neutral, checked for any leak and smoke and off to the street we go. Put in first gear, clutch off, engine rev steadily rising, and just above 3000 RPM she launches! Albeit difficult, I keep my ears open for any knocking and my eyes on the AFR reading which is somewhere on low 11s. Everything seems fine.. Took right foot off the throttle and there it is.. the most beautiful sound for turbo junkies, BOV scream! Shift second gear, repeat BOV scream. Damn it sounds sweet. I didn't dare to go to high RPMs just yet cause obviously it's not yet tuned properly and there is still one important step missing: replacing the injectors. I don't know if the stocks are sufficient for forced induction but i'm not willing to find out the hard way.