Sunday, July 24, 2011

Screws Small Encyclopedia

Found this while procrastinating on reddit as usual. Figure this might come in handy one day. Saved these to my phone and if one day i need a specific type of screw, this will save me from explaining.


Head Style

Drive Types

Washer Type

Nut Type

Courtesy of

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ditching dat Dreaded Dizzy

EDIS 4 kit purchased off Ebay.

Reason? In non-sensical order:
- Coin Toss app on my phone flips Tails. Heads says i'm keeping my dizzy.
- Total price including shipping is USD104 whom Google converts to IDR888,888.88. Aren't we superstitious?
- Megasquirt and EDIS are match made in heaven
- Wasted spark is better than single coil, even if it's just a tad
- Limp-mode allowing the engine to run even if Megasquirt ignition part fails
- Allows me to ditch that leak-prone ugly distributor sticking out the side of my engine, especially with the turbo heat that soon will be eating those oil seals

Biggest foreseeable challenge would be mounting the VR sensor and 36-1 wheel. VR sensor needs to be mounted on vibration-resistant bracketry and stays very close to the wheel edge. Hopefully the provided wheel has the correct diameter to mount on 4A-GE crank pulley. If not, i've seen a guy mounted a bike chain sprocket to his crank pulley and ran the engine well . This would be Plan B.

By the way, the braided clutch line just got delivered a few days ago.

A bit worried on the 4A-GZE MAP sensor and ARP studs and bolts not yet reaching my door steps. It's been a full month. Hopefully it's just customs taking their time to work.