Friday, December 21, 2012

Bye Steelies

Remember the widened steelies i made earlier? It turned out they were ridiculously too wide for The Dog and if i kept them on, i'd be buying tires and fixing fenders like crazy. Those steelies were sold just a few weeks ago to a KE70 owner and he promised me to send me pics with them on. Well, the guy kept his promise.

Here's what would happen to The Dog if i kept those steelies on her. The owner is planning to get some fiberglass overfender so he doesn't really mind the damage.

Those rims were part of a huge pile of stuff left over from building The Dog. I really gotta start selling those stuff before my house turns into a junkyard.. T50 gearbox anyone? Or a complete S-series diff? and I have too many small parts for me to remember.

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