Monday, May 25, 2015

4A-GE to W5x Gearbox Adapter Kit

One year has passed since the last post and this is me right now:

Just like Goku there, i'm gathering my spirit bomb to work on The Dog again after neglecting her for a year. She has just got a new battery but i guess all the neglect warrants me the sulking that she is now. She failed to start and it has been three weekends since i've been trying to get the engine to run. I managed to narrow down the problem to somewhere between the EDIS crank sensor and the module itself (thanks to my own post about the EDIS conversion) and hoping that this weekend i can get her to start.

Meanwhile, i've been forcing myself to lurk the links on the right: Speedhunters, Driftworks, club4ag, etc just to get my car boner up again. During my lurking, i found something interesting:

That, my fellow petrol heads, is similar to what i have done in 2012: an adapter plate to mate W5x gearbox to 4A-GE engine. The above is fabricated and sold by SQ Engineering. I know some of us are itching to ditch that toothpick-like weak T50. Here's your solution! Head on to the SQ Engineering page for more info. Don't forget to get the modified clutch carrier.

Meanwhile, here's the cousin of our beloved Charmant as covered by Speedhunters, Carina AA63. A fellow Four Door AE86 that i won't hesitate to buy should one show up.

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